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Decentralized, Distributed Event-Driven Microservices Architecture.


> npm i -g @dolittle/cli


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Arif Shafique

Co-Founder & CEO
20 years in the industry with product development background. 12 years in Microsoft help building SaaS businesses with Nordic software companies.

Einar Ingebrigtsen

Co-Founder & CEO
23 years of enterprise software development. One of Microsoft highest rewarded cloud architects globally. Main developer of Dolittle open source platform.

Michael Smith

Co-founder & CSU Tech Lead
17 years of enterprise software development using event-driven design principles. Part of the core team developing Dolittle open source platform.

Vidar Aune Westrum

Senior Front-end Engineer
13 years of experience with enterprise web solutions with both internal and external users as the target. UX and UI as the main focus.

Petri Wilhelmsen

Director DX
12 years of development using 3D technology. Senior Program Manager in Windows team Redmond working on digital twin using HoloLens, AR and VR.

Pavneet Singh Saund

Senior Front-end Developer
12 years of enterprise software development. Member of the core development team at Komplett Group as Technical Team Lead. Focused on creating great user experiences through attending to folks needs.

Tomas Ekeli

CSU Tech Lead
12 years of enterprise software development within bank/finance, telecom, data-analysis, ground-handling and eCommerce. Worked the last 6 years as Lead Software Architect at Komplett Group.

Tore Eggen

VP Products
20 years of products development across broadband, eLearning and recently smart home hardware and software products. He is part of our leadership team

Sindre Alstad Wilting

Platform Engineer
Computer Science graduate in 2018, with experience in open source software development and an interest in cloud-based solutions and software architecture.

Jakob Høgenes

Lead Platform Engineer
Master’s degree in Engineering Cybernetics (robotics) from 2015. Worked as a researcher on model-based software engineering, focusing on IoT and CPS applications..

Ingunn Klerck Helseth

Senior Product Manager
More than 20 years in the maritime industry, working as a Project and Product Manager, developing innovative solutions for safe vessel operations.

Retna Ramachandran

Senior Platform Engineer
20 years of enterprise software development. Throughout the years he has worked in the media, e-learning and pharmacy industry developing innovative software solutions. A full-stack developer that advocates “Work smarter not harder”.

Una Flaatten

Director Operations and Customer Experience
Una has 10 years of experience from various sectors, the last 6 from the IT industry and has a solid background in operations and business development - mainly within Oil & Gas, Energy and Insurance. Una holds an Executive Bachelor of Management and is currently completing an MBA in Technology Management.

Ebenezer Tuffour

Front-End Engineer
Ebenezer has worked over five years for companies like BAE system, Capgemini and others as a front-end developer.

Platform Engineer

Co-founder & CSU Tech Lead
17 years of enterprise software development using event-driven design principles. Part of the core team developing Dolittle open source platform.

Damien Egan

Director of Customer Unit

Niamh Crilly

Senior Back-end Developer


Strandveien 20, 1366 Lysaker, Norway

Org. no. 920 347 975